Take a representation of what the four essential cornerstones of Metal is …that is: Thrash, Death, Black and Heavy Metal, and we kid you not. You do end up with Sterbhaus from Stockholm. It’s bloody potent, passionate, straightforward and timeless. The quartet can in fact be described as a rather perfect snapshot of what honest Metal is today, without being either particular retro or modern …and with traits like that, you have to agree that Sterbhaus is truly a rare commodity today.

So there we are, right at the beginning with a dilemma of our own. ‘Cause when you define what you do by four or more subgenres just to make people realize what you do, you might as well just bite the bullet… and call it something else. And thus… Sterbhaus gives you Metal Deluxe – Not reinventing the wheel but instead offering a living, breathing and creative entity proudly wielding the essence of what Metal really is, how it once started as, developed into and how it will always be.

If you know your metal and you are proud to do so while having a bloody good time, chances are… Sterbhaus is right up your alley


Much like the arena acts of past Metal glories Sterbhaus also equals great and uplifting live entertainment. Apart from the obvious convincing delivery of the arts, and regardless of whether you are sixteen or sixty years old, you will be entertained! The dark humor that is evident in the music is represented just as easily live. 2013 saw Sterbhaus embarking on two hugely successful tours thru Europe, as support for Vader and Melechesh in April and as special guests for Shining in November/December. Thru the years a great deal of respected festivals such as Rock Harz (Amon Amarth, Blind Guardian etc), Metaltown (Slpknot, Opeth etc), Way of Darkness (Morgoth, Sodom etc), Extremefest (Behemoth, Kataklysm etc) to count a very few has been part of Sterbhaus live agenda. Not to mention touring South America in 2012.


Since the completely revitalized Sterbhaus recorded the 2012 album “Angels for Breakfast …And God for Lunch” in Abyss studios for five weeks (T.Tägtgren) a mission of sarcastic tounge-in-cheek wit and dark humor has been complementing the convincing sonic deliverance. Sterbhaus made it onto two top five lists in the impressive “Encyclopedia of Swedish Hard Rock & Heavy Metal vol 3” by journalist Janne Stark in 2013 and the Metal press all seemed to agree that this album was a much needed injection in a stale and bewildered scene with top reviews of 8/10 (Sweden Rock Magazine,, 9/10 (,, 8,5 (, 10/10 (, 9,5/10 ( to count a very few. The album was mixed and mastered by Jonas Kjellgren of Black Lounge and the cover was done by Gyula Havancák.

Sterbhaus decided to yet again reinvent themselves to further their rather feisty craft of sonic deliverance by releasing their second album “New Level of Malevolence” thru Black Lodge records in May 2015. This new release happily misuses an array of unorthodox topics to spice up the even more deadly and effective Metal Sterbhaus is already known to wield. Ten killers full to the brim with spitting vocals and riffs to basically KILL for! Sterbhaus chose to put effort into something more organic and closer to how the band sounds live for this brand new album to make sure everyone gets what they probably don’t know they’ve been missing for so long. Well, this new journey supporting the new album as just begun but the press and assorted Metal heads all seem to grasp that Sterbhaus is bent on delivering the goods!

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Sterbhaus started in 2007 and went on to release a self titled demo 2008 and a second demo album “Hits for Dead Kids” in 2009. Originally a five piece but due to numerous reasons the band was pretty much revamped into it’s current outfit in 2011 as a quartet with Marcus Hammarström (Elvira Madigan) now also on lead vocals.

Well there you are… Sterbhaus is about genuine positive energy and honesty. What you see is what you get, and what you get is a bloody good ride. No fancy gimmicks or cheap shots at nothing for dubious reasons. A fair dose of idiocy is a rather welcome ingredient of the outfit but more in the sense of being able to smirk at either yourself or at your surroundings. Just spend five or ten minutes with videos for songs such as “Absolutely Do Not Die!”, “Crossed and Pissed and Devoured” (both by filmmaker Martin Strandberg of Shining and Sabaton employ) as well as “Frogboiler”, “Insecticide” or “House of the Dead Dwarf” and you will be happy you did. This is a cleansing – A much need one.

We all know you like you Metal heavy and fast, so pull up that goddamn chair, have a drink …and join us.





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