Sterbhaus - New Level of Malevolence
1. Grudgeholder+Hatemonger

2. El Giftus Satanus

3. Necrostabbing the Corpsefinder

4. Bloodbarf

5. Crossed and Pissed and Devoured

6. New Level of Malevolence

7. Baby Jee and the 3 Stalkers

8. King of the Red

9. It Came from the Brain

10. The Grand Theology

“New Level of Malevolence”

Recorded in Doom Room, Hadoken Studios & Eastman;

Mixed by Ronnie Björnström

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Sterbhaus - Angels for Breakfast ...And God for Lunch
1. Insecticide

2. Ripping the Pope

3. Absolutely Do Not Die!

4. The Great Dreamsmasher of Conformity

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5. Tell Them I Hate Them

6. Retardival

7. Captain Bible in the Dome of the Dead

8. Faceplant Armageddon

9. Frogboiler

10. Deathwizz

11. Project S.A.T.A.N.

12. Ministry

“Angels for Breakfast… and God for Lunch”

Recorded in Abyss;

Mixed by Jonas Kjellgren at Black Lounge

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1. Bajo Multa

2. Sinister Neckgrip

3. STD Für Alles

4. Die Leatherman Die

5. Chiliconcarnage and the Texmexecution

6. Aqualunch

7. Goat Boat

8. Lamplady

9. House of the Dead Dwarf

“Hits for Dead Kids”

Recorded & mixed in Abyss;

Assisted by Tommy Tägtgren

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1. Ponyride thru Hell

2. Circus of Circumcision Kill

3. Angels for Breakfast

4. Babies Deserve to Die

5. Destroy the Fire

6. Brat Race

7. w.w.w.w.


Recorded & mixed in Abyss:

February 27 – March 2 2008

together with Tommy Tägtgren

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