Sterbhaus is currently accepting applications for new guitarist

Sep 15th, 2016 | By | Category: General


As of now you may apply for the job as guitarist in Sterbhaus succeeding Simon Olovsson. If you feel you have the chops, skills and what-not as well as fit the profile listed below, don’t hesitate to send your application to But please make sure you have read the following carefully!! If you do not fit the profile and if you do not provide necessary material as listed below we will not be reviewing or answering your application.


1. You must obviously know how to handle the guitar and the only way we can assess your skills is if you send us proper recordings. These recordings must be of good quality that clearly show us that you have talent (not necessarily as lead guitarist although we welcome lead shredders as well). Two or three audio samples or links to youtube/soundcloud etc is quite enough. You must also send a link to at least one video (or send a videofile to via – but please, do not send overly large files to our mailbox!). The quality of this video does not necessarily have to be super but we absolutely need to be able to see/hear that you can play and not that you have spent hours editing, cutting and tweeking audiofiles in Cubase. If you haven’t recorded any albums/demos that are worthwhile convincing us you know your stuff, – no sweat, but then the quality of your videos will have to be a bit better. Should you prove to be of interest we will provide tabs for a couple of songs to see how you handle our material – probably during rehearsal together.

2. You must be serious about your pursuit of playing in a band like Sterbhaus, and be prepared you will most likely end up investing a lot of your time in this. There are obvious financial situations (read: restraints) involved due to the nature of the music industry and if you do not have tons of experience in playing in bands you should at least be familiar with how up-and-coming bands are run and the hardships we face most of the time.

3. You will need to know that Sterbhaus is an entity and not a mish-mash of four stubborn individuals pulling in different directions. The band is no 1. Your ego is NOT! But that does not mean we don’t expect you to act like a humble but big-ass bloody KING on stage and in matters that concerns the bands image and general idea of perception. We will also need to able to share a laugh or two, so you must be a nice and social bloke. And you should be within legal

drinking and “buying-alcohol” age in Sweden, that is – at least 20, but hopefully a bit older.

4. We might get this out of the way as well… You probably need to have long hair. You probably need to look as if you care at least a little about how you look. We’re not looking for models here, but generally, we welcome a wide musical taste, but you will

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need to be a metalhead.


So there we are! If you feel this applies to you and you want to be part of something great, don’t hesitate to send us your stuff!

All the best!
Marcus, Jimmy and Erik