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WORLD PREMIERE!! – “Bloodbarf” – New Video


Unleashed this day is nothing less than a complete mindrape in the form of the heavy, the bashing and the rock’n’roller track “Bloodbarf” in videoform. Being the second video-offering from “New Level of Malevolence” we are absolutely stunned with pride and can honestly claim this is the best effort yet… by far… Enjoy… yes dammit!! ENJOY!!!! Once again this is… » read more »

Second Teaser for the coming video up and running…

What did we just say?? …A Week ago? …And did you believe us?? Well, how about NOW! It’s gonna be damn BLOODY affair!

First Teaser for the coming video up and running…

…You’re up for a bloody (…emphasis on “BLOODY”!!) sweet suprise this Fall. Sterbhaus delivers in the field of videos…

New website and “Belt Buckle” Merchandise available

To celebrate this absolutely stunning site you’re on (some extra tweeking is still on the agenda) we’re complementing the obvious eyecandy with a new item in the Merchandise section. Get you sweet ass over to the Merch section and get yourself a new Belt Buckle! You won’t regret it…

Sterbhaus releasegig with Grave and Raise Hell!

banner-hp-big banner

FINALLY!! We just couldn’t make that exclusive releasegig a reality in May/June due to summer season kicking in… So after alot of planning we can now finally reveal that the 17th of October at Göta Källare will be the first show in Stockholm for two years and our official (quite delayed) Release gig for “New Level of Malevolence”. Link to… » read more »

So what the Hell just happened?


…Well, last weekend we had a blast recording yet another visual mindbender. What that was exactly is currently only for Sterbhaus to know and during this autumn for YOU to find out. But rest assured… You will never have seen anything like this! We would heartfully like to thank crew and especially all eight actors who did an absolutely terrific… » read more »

New site to be launched in a few weeks

Our brand new site graphically built around the album “New Level of Malevolence” will be launched within the coming weeks! We also have something pretty damn nice to be made availble in the merchandise section alongside this new site.

Sometimes… Just about everything seems to get cancelled

At times – Not everything is pink bubbles and silver clouds… And 2015 is a pretty damn weird year indeed. Apart from all the good shit that’s happening following a new albumrelease – bad stuff lurks around the corner and so far for Sterbhaus, that bad stuff has been show cancellations. For reasons completely out of our hands two festivals… » read more »

Win the big Sterbhaus bundle!

competition image3

Sterbhaus new video for the song “Crossed and Pissed and Devoured” contains several small details that although not really “hidden” – they are a bit hard to spot. And to lure you all into viewing the video a little bit more thouroughly to absorb the absolutely sinister, eerie and stunning atmosphere of the visuals Sterbhaus gives you the opportunity to… » read more »

World premiere! “Crossed and Pissed and Devoured” Official video!!


We are absolutely thrilled to finally unviel our first visual offering for the new album “New Level of Malevolence”. The song is “Crossed and Pissed and Devoured” and this is Ensign Ingars disturbing journey… Once again Martin Strandberg was our partner for filmmaking and the most of the video was shot around Falun. We’d like to thank Findus and Ponny… » read more »

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